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Skin whitening has evolved and a lot of people are going for it these days. “Why not? If I can get white flawlessly”, some people say.

Is it possible to get white flawlessly? You may ask. Oh yes, it is.

Due to popular demand, we present to you, The Egyptian Milk and The Half Cast Cream.

….. Your answer to achieving a flawless white skin.

We ship to local and international destinations. Shipping to international destinations is done using DHL Express. Tracking number will also be provided so that you track the progress of your order as it gets to you.

Important Announcement: For customers in the US and Canada, we now have a reseller in Los Angeles, USA. Kindly contact us using the contact information below and let us know you reside in the US or Canada and we will refer you to our reseller in Los Angeles, USA. This will ensure fast shipping and reduced shipping cost.

To order, call Lanrey,

Tel: 08135985835 (international callers: +2348135985835)

Whatsapp: +2348135985835



129 thoughts on “Egyptian Milk – Half Cast Cream

    1. Hello Naa,
      Thanks for contacting us. Details on pricing and how you can get the cream has been sent to your email. Kindly check your inbox.

      1. Please let me know how to get the Egyptian Milk, and the Half-caste Cream. Please also gave me details of the cost for each of them, and how a US-based customer can order for and receive them.

        Thank you!

  1. Hi, do you ship to Canada? I have naturally dark hands compared to my body and I’ve never bleached before.. Please which of your productucts can helpvlighten my hands? Is this a lotion or shower gel? How do I use it? How much does it cost and how much does it take to get here? Thanks.

  2. How much is your half caste cream and price? Please am dark, will it work for me? Cos my skin is tough, have tried kojic soaps and lotion but not working for me.

  3. Hello.
    I’m half cast, live in switzerland. I dont want to be white but want to enhance my skin colour. do you have a cream for me please. Price and shipping process.


  4. Pls how much is the egyptian milk and also the half cast cream,which. Is more effective and how long do I have to use to get results.then if it whitens me and I stop do I go back to my nomal colour? Tnx

  5. Hi I am interested in your products and would love to purchase the egyptian milk, half caste cream and the oil for dark knuckles/ feet. Would you kindly send me details including price list, shipping etc of how to go about this? i live in UK.

    Kind regards

  6. Hi, am zyzy I live in south africa and would like to know the price of ur egyptian milk and the half cas cream as I really want to lighten my skin, please tell me if you have got a agent in south africa.thank you

  7. Hy Talking nails n beauty,I really wnt to achieve a vry light n flawless skin,I also hv dark knuckles on my hand,acne and dark spots on my face,wt do I need to use,I really need my confidence back,hoping to read from u tnx

  8. Hello I have terrible knuckles and toes I so need this Egyptain milk badly… how much does it cost and do you have specific product for the knuckles. . Please how much do they cost

  9. Pls email me pricing for kamana egyptian milk lotion. Will it help tone up my skin without making my face look different shades of colors as the skin on my face is sensitive. I want to achieve even colour to my skin tone

  10. Hello.plz between thai white cream.egyptian Milk &half caste cream wish 1 is more action?& for how long will i stat seeing changes?? I also need d prize details…kindly inbox m on d infos plz..Cheers!

    1. Hi Vinnie, all the products are very effective. The present state of your skin, your skin type and what you’re looking to achieve will determine which one you’ll settle for. Kindly check your inbox for detailed info. Cheers

    1. Hello Creamytenny, be rest assured the product will not give you Stretchmarks, neither will it worsen the Stretchmarks you have presently. Your skin is not at any risk using this product. Yes we ship all over the world.

  11. I am very excited to hear about the kamana egyptian milk and the half caste milk. I would love to know what it entails to get them as soon as possible. Pls im awaiting your reply anxiously.

  12. Please am dark in complexion and I really what to be light and also I have stretch mark all over my body please I need the prices of all wat I will use please help me

  13. Hi, I am interested in the Egyptian milk and something for stretchmarks and scars. Can u please send me ur pricing and shipping to usa? Also how does the consultation work?

  14. Pls I need to know between Egyptian milk and halfcaste cream which one works better cos I want to lighten up to 4 shades ,I am fair,also my body does not lighten easily and I have hyperpigmentation on my face ,and I have dark hands knuckles,elbows ,knees ,feet and toes.Also do you have any lightening soap as kojic and glutathione does not lighten my skin

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